Expanding, Other Venues & Amazon

There are so many sites for you to sell on as an artisan, hand-maker, crafter, creator or whichever name you prefer to go by.  When I first started selling online, I used eBay as I was selling my wares.  These were things I just needed to get rid of or no longer had any use for.  You know, that nice pair of shoes sitting in your closet that you never got around to wearing, or your old flip phone when it was still the newest trend.  I never thought to sell my personally created jewelry there.

When I decided to actually make and sell my jewelry, I decided to try Etsy as it was a venue for handmade items, vintage and supplies.  In the years since I started on Etsy, other venues have come and gone, while others are here to stay.  Most online sellers will tell you, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” – in other words, expand where you sell.  Don’t depend on just one venue.

Amazon announced in May that they were looking to open a Handmade “marketplace”.  A number of handmade Etsy sellers have mentioned that they’ve received emails from Amazon inviting them to apply for this new marketplace.  Amazon has also invited sellers to share the application link with other handmade sellers.  On Amazon’s regular marketplace it costs $40 a month to sell, plus final value fees (a fee taken out of the total sale with shipping) which vary depending on the category you’re selling in.  This is obviously a lot for an individual hand-maker who may not have a large inventory, but this model works for high volume sellers or they wouldn’t continue to sell on the retail giant’s website.  While it’s something to keep in the back of your mind, Amazon has stated that they will be waving the $40 monthly fee for the Handmade side of the Marketplace until August 2016.  Hopefully that will give sellers enough time to try out the venue and see if it works for them, and if it does it will be another venue for many handmade sellers to expand to.  I know that I’m excited to see where this new venue will take us!


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