Setting Goals and Reaching Milestones

I’ve hard at work on my Etsy shop, Handmaiden Voyages, during this past week.  I originally opened my shop on Etsy back in 2011, but I had little knowledge of SEO and had little success with the few items I listed.  Heck, I think one of my original listings was titled something like, “Pretty in Pink” and I have no idea if I even filled out my tags at the time.  After the four month listing period, I let my expired listings sit there and put my shop on hold.  I had experience selling on eBay and, but Etsy was a whole ‘nother animal and has a lot more to learn, in my opinion.

For example, on eBay having perfectly lit, white background photographs aren’t necessary.  Plenty of people list wares they’re looking to get rid of right on their living room floor, or right out of their garage.  These don’t make for a make it or break it deal for most buyers.  However, on Etsy (and even Amazon) having those perfect, white background (or a natural background of choice) photographs with perfect lighting are a must.

Anyway, in early 2013 I decided to have at my shop once again.  Like I said, there’s a bit of a learning curve to Etsy, so while I went ahead and started listing my jewelry I ended up having to go back many times to retake photos and rename my listings to get found in search.  Now that I have more time to dedicate to my shop and selling my jewelry I’m setting goals for myself.  My first goal is to have 75 listings in my shop.  In the sea of Etsy listings that’s not a lot, but the more you have listed the easier it is to get found.  My next goal is to reach 100 listings, which I plan on doing before the end of the year.  I’m currently at 68 listings, so I’m not far off from my first goal.  In fact, I plan on reaching 75 this week.



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